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We Level the Playing Field


We Seek Justice

Mack Mayo founded this law firm with one mission: seeking justice for the little guy.   We believe in the American civil justice system where individuals or classes of people can be on a level playing field with even the biggest of companies.  

We Know the Law

Millions of consumer transactions occur daily in the United States.  In this context of high volume sales and services, unscrupulous companies routinely engage in unfair and deceptive business practices that financially injure consumers.   We are knowledgeable at prosecuting individual and class claims for financial and personal injuries.

We Can Help You

To add insult to injury, these companies will try to drag out your claim and pay you as little as possible.  You need an experienced lawyer on your side to represent your interests and to obtain the remedies you deserve.  We are that law firm.  Contact us to see how we can help you.  




We have played a role in recovering millions in cumulative verdicts and settlements.

12 Areas of Practice

We take cases big and small because
we believe in the American civil
justice system.

1,000+ Clients

We have helped thousands of people recover compensation for their financial or personal injuries caused by a variety of misconduct.


We represent people in meaningful class actions and individual cases. Our goal is not limited to recovering money. We strive to stop the unfair and deceptive business practices that caused the injury in the first place.
— Mack Mayo

A Few Of Our Accomplishments: