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What is your legal issue?

We bring and defend cases, provide general legal advice to businesses and families, and informally resolve disputes.

Are self-help "legal" websites not giving you the answer you need?  

Folks often just want a single answer, not a family lawyer.  They pull their hair out endlessly reviewing "self-help" and robot legal websites that offer legal advice or templates without any real human interaction.  Try us instead.

We are often asked the following:

  • From consumers:  "I'm looking into buying a used car/boat/trailer/truck.  Do you have any tips so I know my rights before I head to the dealership?" Or, "I got ripped off and was sold a lemon by a dealership; what are my legal rights?"
  • From tenants:  "Can my landlord do this?"
  • From landlords:  "Can I pass this cost on to my tenant?"  Or, "What sort of notice do I need to give for this tenant's wrongful conduct or noncompliance?"
  • From businesses:  "I need a form employment contract or independent contractor agreement prepared.  Can you draft one that I can use as a template for all future employees/independent contractors?"

How much does a consult cost me?

The following fees apply for the first consultation:

  • General legal consult:  $150.00.
  • Questions from tenants:  $85.00.
  • Low-income, disabled, or veteran clients:  $65.00.

Question:  Do you ever waive fees?  Or if I pay them and you represent me in litigation, can I get that money back?

For exceptional hardship cases, we reserve the right to waive the consultation fee in appropriate circumstances.   

We Accept Credit Cards

For your convenience, we accept VisaMastercard, American Express, and Discover Card.



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