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"Bait-and-Switch" Advertising a Common Used Car Scam

Used car dealers employ many scams to dupe unwitting consumers into purchasing vehicles for the highest price possible.  Among the most prevalent scheme is "bait-and-switch" advertising.  

"Bait-and-switch" advertising occurs when the dealer advertises a car at a very attractive, low price, but the dealer either doesn't have the car available at all on the lot or has no intention of selling the car for that "low, low" price.  The advertisement, in reality, is only a means to bait the consumer into visiting the dealership so that the dealer can sell a more expensive car to them (the switch ).  It's unfortunately incredibly common in the industry.

But the fact that it's common doesn't make it legal by any means.  Indeed, it's actually highly illegal and a violation of a number of laws and statutes in Washington State, including the Washington Auto Dealers Act (Chapter 46.70 RCW) and the Washington Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 19.86 RCW).  

If you've fallen victim to a bait-and-switch scam, you're entitled to a number of remedies, including (potentially) rescission of contract and monetary damages plus payment of your attorney's fees and costs.  

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