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Class Actions Are Powerful Tools for Social and Economic Justice

Big business keeps telling the public that class actions harm consumers.  Perhaps it's time we listen to the real reason the financial industry remains steadfast in its opposition to class actions:  because they work.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the financial industry absolutely despise class actions, which are procedural devices enabling consumers to bring hundreds or thousands of small consumer claims in a single action to seek monetary damages and injunctive relief.  For decades, the financial industry has launched assault after assault and misinformation campaign after misinformation campaign to the public attempting to persuade the very people that class actions protect that they are actually really bad for them.  (This is exactly what they did by distorting the truth of the McDonald's hot coffee case).  

Now, a new study by the Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School has revealed (as have many in the past) that consumer financial class actions not only help the victims of predatory lending and other illegal financial practices, but also provide powerful injunctive relief to deter future similar misconduct.  

This report illustrates how anytime, anywhere, an unscrupulous bank or lender could steal money from you, your family, or your small business. ... If, say, a bank opens a fraudulent bank account in your name, charges you fees and ruins your credit; or, a company illegally freezes money in your bank account, or cuts access to your prepaid cards, so you can’t pay your bills or withdraw money; or, a bank makes illegal credit inquiries without your permission and hurts your credit score so you can’t get a loan; or, a bank charges you fraudulent mortgage or loan fees and then illegally try to collect the debt.

The Law Office of Boyd M. Mayo, PLLC is presently engaged in representing consumers in multiple class actions in Washington State.  Mack Mayo has sought to protect consumers' right to sue in court in the class action context for years, including successfully arguing against unlawful arbitration agreements before the Washington Supreme Court.  

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