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Auto Defects the Number One Consumer Complaint

Americans love their cars.  The feeling is apparently not mutual.

As reported by CBS News, Americans love their cars, but their cars -- and the auto industry -- doesn't always love them back. 

Auto-related problems are the most common complaints among consumers, who cited everything from misrepresentations in sales to leasing disputes, according to a new report from the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators. The report surveyed 39 state and local consumer protection agencies in 23 states about the most common complaints they received last year. 

Leasing used cars is emerging as a sore spot for consumers, who may be attracted to the practice since it typically requires little or no down payment. But interest rates can be high, and "lemon laws" and other regulations may not apply to used cars that are leased, the study said. 

"Consumers may be stuck with used cars that repeatedly break down or be on the hook for costly repairs," the study noted. 

In one case, a Massachusetts consumer who leased a used car asked the auto dealer to fix electrical problems in the vehicle. The dealer said he would fix it for $4,000, and when she asked to be let out of the lease the dealer refused. Auto-related laws in Massachusetts don't apply to leasing used cars, unlike new cars that are leased, the group said. 

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