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The Importance of Hiring Local Lawyers


Make sure you pay extra special attention to the law firm with whom you are speaking.  They may be a mill located 2,000 miles away.  Hire local.  Get better results.

We are a law firm located in Spokane, Washington, serving every Washington county, and representing Washington citizens enforcing Washington law. 

We work here and invest in our community.  We contribute to local charities, such as the Spokane branches of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Alano club, the Fulcrum Institute for Dispute Resolution, Lutheran Community Services, Catholic Charities, and Second Harvest. 

Our lawyer, Mack Mayo, has served as a mentor for individuals re-entering society after paying their debt in the form of prison time and assisted them in obtaining meaningful employment.  In addition, Mack's work in prosecuting class actions or in freeing wrongly convicted individuals with the Washington Innocence Project has been covered by the Spokesman-Review and The Inlander.  Mack has lectured to students at Gonzaga Law School and college students at Eastern Washington University.

We are the very definition of local.

For the second year in a row, a Texas law firm reached out to me inquiring if I would like to be their "local" counsel for breach of warranty and Lemon Law cases.  

It's true.  I handle a high volume of Lemon Law, breach of warranty, breach of contract, and product defect cases for my co-Washingtonians.  In fact, it makes up a large chunk of my consumer law practice.  At the risk of being cocky or arrogant, we have gotten very efficient in successfully resolving these types of cases for our fellow citizens.  Because of this, we've even been retained to represent a Fortune 1,000 manufacturer in defending their commercial (i.e., "non-consumer") disputes.  

The point I'm getting at is that this Texas law firm did not want me to serve as their "local" counsel.  They wanted to borrow my Washington bar license so they could penetrate the Washington marketplace from 1,500 miles away by putting my name on the representation agreements.  I emphatically said "no."  For the second time.  

Why would I say no?  This would surely be easy money.  The firm is larger than mine with a larger operating and advertising budget.  But I would effectively be subjecting my clients and my future clients to being represented by a faceless mill located a long ways away that may or may not care about the client.  

We, however, care about the client.  We care about meeting you.  We care about you being a fellow Washingtonian.  We care about getting good results for you.  We do not see you as a dollar sign.  We see you a person in need of our help.  That is why I said no to this firm.  Because I'm not going to sell my soul for an easy dollar.  

So, buy local.  Be very aware of who you are speaking with when talking with lawyers online or on the phone.  Make sure you understand where they are located.  If you are comfortable with being represented by an out-of-state law firm that will never meet you, then we are not the law firm for you.  If you want a zealous legal advocate who is located near you, then give us a call.  

Whatever route you choose, we just want a good result for you.  That's why we do what we do. 

Thank you,

Mack Mayo


Mack Mayo