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Property managers and landlords: Are your screening and advertising standards compliant with the new regulations?

The Mayo Law Group represents property management companies overseeing more than 5,000 residential units in the region.  Partner with us to ensure compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations and to avoid litigation.

RLTA amendments bans income source discrimination

Washington State law protects residents from housing discrimination based on their race, disability, sex, familial status and others.  Governor Inslee recently signed into law (HB 2578) an amendment to the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act that prohibits landlords and property managers from discriminating against prospective tenants due to their source of income.  

There is a population of renters who rely on social security, child support, SSI, and section 8 vouchers (or other subsidy) as their main source of income.  Under the new law, landlords cannot deny housing to a present or potential tenant because they rely on government assistance or subsidies to pay their rent and other bills.

It would be wise for landlords and property managers to review all marketing and advertising materials to ensure there is no illegal application requirement in violation of the law.  The amendment creates a civil cause of action, potentially subjecting the landlord or property manager to large damages and attorney fee awards.  

The purpose of the law is to remove a barrier to housing faced by low-income individuals.  

Creation of mitigation fund

The bill also creates a fund of money that landlords renting to tenants using alternative sources of income can use to make property improvements and reimburse landlords for up to $5,000.00 in damages caused by tenants. 

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Our knowledge base is broad and multifaceted.  Performing both transactional and litigation work for our clients, we bring the best of both worlds to create comprehensive guidance for our clients.  Selected by Washington law & Politics as a Super Lawyers Rising Star for both plaintiff's side class action litigation and business-corporate law, Mack Mayo is uniquely positioned to protect your interests.

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We take a proactive approach and advise our clients to constantly revise their lease agreements and advertising and screening practices to ensure compliance.  We have extensive knowledge in guiding our property manager and landlord clients through the RLTA minefield on the front-end and in defending them when litigation occurs.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.