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Upgrade your lawyer. Downsize your legal bill.


In 2015, we started out solely as a Plaintiffs' firm pursuing claims on behalf of consumers and families injured by large corporations.  Then, something interesting happened:  the people and companies we sued started firing their law firms...and hiring us.

It quickly became apparent to the businesses we were suing that our expertise and background in complex, plaintiff’s side litigation made us uniquely positioned to serve as their general counsel. And they wanted to get their money’s worth.
— Mack Mayo

By Summer, 2018, we had been hired by dozens of corporations to assist them in transactional and litigation matters.  Many, also, hired us to represent them on an ONGOING basis as their general counsel.  Why?  Because we can handle everything - contract review, transactional work, property disputes, purchase and sale agreements, commercial litigation, class action litigation, and complex, multi-party actions.  

You ask.  We do.  In August, we ... 

Deposed several parties; attended mediation in a massive complex class action case; drafted a purchase and sale agreement for a private airplane hangar; evicted fifteen tenants for non-payment of rent; drafted and revised commercial leases; sued multi-national manufacturers for product defects; sued several car dealerships; represented a multi-national manufacturer on the Fortune 1,000 list in defense of commercial claims; helped close a $2 million residential real estate deal; created five new limited liability companies for clients; assisted in obtaining appropriate licensing for a new microbrewery and restaurant in downtown Spokane; represented a natural pet product manufacturer and wholesaler in various commercial and contract disputes; and created a nonprofit foundation for a large property management and real estate client.  

We literally have the coolest clients.

We represent lots of folks.  Some people are okay with us telling you.  Some are not.  Here are some examples of the forty + companies and non-profits that we represent:

4 Degrees Real Estate; TI Inv., LLC; Pacific Plaza Investments, LLC; Brothers Brewing, LLC; Natural Pet Wholesale; Watts Project, LLC; UK, LLC; 4 Degrees Foundation; West Block, LLC; Too Small to Fail, LLC; Northwest Closers, LLC; Legion Investments, LLC; HQ Self Storage, LLC; Housing Quarters, LLC; G&T Real Estate, LLC; Center Block, LLC; and more.

Nimble, cost-effective legal representation is your key to success.

LET'S BE HONEST.  YOUR CURRENT LAW FIRM IS GOOD.  THEY HAVE MANY LAWYERS.  THEY HAVE A FANCY NEW OFFICE WITH LOTS OF FLAT SCREENS AND RECEPTIONISTS.  THE LAWYERS HAVE ASSOCIATES.  EVERYONE WEARS EXPENSIVE SUITS.  You get what you pay for....and you get to pay for all of those flat screens, offices, associates, receptionists, and expensive suits through your high legal bills.  

If you're ready to downsize your legal bill and upgrade your lawyer...give us a call. 

We wear shorts and t-shirts to the office.  Because we can.  And because we like to fly fish as much as possible.

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