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Are You Up to Date on the New Landlord Laws?

We help Landlords in all eviction, corporate, and regulatory compliance issues.

We help Landlords in all eviction, corporate, and regulatory compliance issues.

Washington Legislature Dramatically Amends the Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, Chapter 59.18 RCW.

The new amendments are effective July 28, 2019. Make sure you are in compliance before that date!

Tenants get more notice for rent increase.

Instead of 30-days’ written notice, you now much give sixty days.

3-Day Cure Period Extended to Two Weeks.

No longer do tenants have a mere three days to pay rent or vacate when they’re behind or late. Now, you must post a 14-day notice.

Download our 14-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate here.

Moreover, you can only collect back-rent and utilities on the 14-day (not late fees, unpaid deposits, notice posting fees, etc.).

Finally, late fees are capped at $75.00 through judgment only.

Tenants allotted a 5-day post-judgment opportunity to cure.

You did your work. You jumped through all the hoops. You complied with everything and got a judgment by default or at a show cause hearing. Guess what? The tenant still gets 5-days to cure. In other words, if they can pay the full judgment within 5 days of entry of said judgment, their tenancy is reinstated.

Courts can bind you and the tenant to nonconsensual payment plans.

Courts can impose payment plans up to 90 days, requiring the tenant to make payments and/or pay entire judgment within that time period, making enforcing judgments and removing problem tenants even more difficult.

What does it all mean?

No, this won’t be the death knell to the business of landlording. It does, however, mean you need a knowledgeable, creative lawyer on your side who can keep court costs to a minimum and be willing to work with tenants out of court to come to agreements when possible. Call us to see how we can help you come in to compliance with the new laws. We have performed hundreds of commercial and residential evictions and represent property management companies with more than 10,000 residential units in Washington State. We pride ourselves in making you money.

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